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PSG builds new headquarter

The year 2020 is still young but started already great! At the moment only inftrastructural preparation can be seen but very soon the new headquarter from AGT-PSG will be built. Only 500 meters away from the old location a very big wish of the entire PSG team comes true: The new state of the art building allows to optimse production and storage capabilities in order to create enough space for new product developments and the imitated business extension.

„This is a perfect chance to improve our processes and logistics to be very good structured and organised for the future growth to come“ states Gerhard Hefter, Authorized Representative and Project Lead. “I am very pleased to have more room for customer individual Systems and solutions – especially for bigger projects” Alfons Steil, Head of Analysis Technology says. With more than 40 years of experience AGT-PSG is one of the leading manufacturer of Gas Sampling Probes, Heated Sample Lines and Gas Cooler – furthermore the company designs and individualises Probe Sampling and Analyser Systems, starting from small shelters and extends up to big analyser container.

The relocation is scheduled for 4th quarter of 2020 so that at 01.01.2021 the new headquarter can replace the two existing ones. With only 15 Minutes away from Frankfurt downtown and 20 minutes to the Frankfurt International Airport the location in Steinbach is a perfect solution for the growing company.