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Location Consolidation AGT-PSG GmbH & Co. KG

We would like to officially inform you about the merger of our locations. The new building at Weißkirchener Str. 3 in 61449 Steinbach enables us to manufacture all products centrally at one location and thus simplifying internal and external logistics.

What exactly is changing?

From June 1st, 2021, the location at Richard-Lucas-Str. 6 in Erkelenz will be closed and the production will start in Steinbach at the same time. The time of the move is already taken into account in the delivery dates, so that there should be no delivery delays.

What are the advantages?

In the past, we often had to send products and components between locations, but this is no longer necessary. This makes both our internal logistics and disposition easier and also enables the consolidation of e.g. customs declarations, which will have a positive effect on delivery times.

What happens to your contact persons?

They remain unchanged. All email addresses and telephone numbers will be retained, only for the return of products, please only use the following address from 01.06.2021:

Weißkirchener Str. 3
61449 Steinbach

With this step we are able to develop and produce our gas sampling probes, the heated analyzer lines and the sample gas cooler centrally at one location and thus being able to deliver the #PerfectSampleGas solutions even faster and better.