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Fixed lines

  • Temperatures from frost protection up to 200°C
  • Smooth surface made of extremely weather-resistant material
  • Up to 300 m in a row
  • Cut to length on site

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Flexible lines

  • Temperatures from frost protection up to 200°C
  • Up to 150 m in a row
  • Flexible thanks to corrugated PA12 jacket
  • Regulated or self-regulating

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Highly flexible lines

  • Temperatures from frost protection up to 200°C
  • Extruded corrugated metal tube or PA outer jacket
  • Special lines for e.g. engine test benches, cement industry, indoor installation

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Explosion-proof lines

  • Temperatures from frost protection up to 140°C
  • Cut to length on site
  • Resistant to mechanical and weather-related loads
  • Up to 300 m in a row

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  • Microprocessor based PID controller
  • Complete solution with solid state relay
  • For very long lines up to 200m
  • For fixed installation or mobile applications

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AGT – PSG Heated Sample Lines

PSG Ex²: Patented Technology

Safety comes first for every operator! Already in 2012 a meanwhile patented technology has been developed by AGT – PSG in order to avoid dangerous electrostatic charges effectively for analysis lines.

The innovative concept still allows length reductions on site – another unique solution on the market!

The used Raychem heating cables have warranty of up to 10 years – this also a class of its own.


Seamless Integration: Always the Right Connection

About a well known problem from practice, you don`t need to worry about with AGT – PSG products: often the junction of heated sample line to gas sampling probe is problematic and can lead to cold spots and therefore to condensate formation and blockage.

Due to the thick-walled isolation jacket of AGT-PSG gas sampling probes a homogeneous heating is guaranteed and cold spots have no chance!