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  • For control and on line monitoring of heat exchangers, cooling water return streams and waste water with respect to the cooling water concept of the German society of chemical engineers (VCI)
  • Detection of leaks and smallest amounts of hydro­ carbon impurities giving chance of early warning before serious problems arise
  • Easy construction from common standard components which are easily available, thus minimizing maintenance and costs



  • Measuring ranges are 3-10 ppm for benzene or toluene and about 30 ppm for alcohol
  • Detector is a semiconductor based gas sensor with logarithmic sensitivity curve
  • A small amount of sample i.e. 30 I/h is taken from process into the stripper unit, where instrument air is added in a mixing tube
  • Components which are not or only partly soluble in the cooling liquid and have a sufficient vapour pressure will enter the gaseous phase



Early detection of leaks and smallest amounts of escaping hydro­ carbons already for lowest contaminations – simple adaption to operators preferences possible and suitable for ATEX
Zone 1.