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Robust and Reliable Technology

Mercury Measurement is one of the most challenging measurements to be done in the analytical world: The detection limits are very low and the conditions of probe sampling are extreme, no matter if power plants, cement plants or waste incinerator.

Technology from the US market Leader

Since more than 10 years, AGT-PSG has a deep cooperation with CleanAir Engineering from the US. The market leader for testing and mercury measurements uses various probe sampling components from AGT-PSG. Since 2016 AGT-PSG offers the CleanAir Mercury Sample technology in Germany and Europe.

Mobile or Stationary Solutions

Always the right solution: No matter if you require an installed solution directly at the stack or as remote solution in an analyser shelter or if you are looking for performance testing: We can always offer the right solution.

Hardware, Service or both: You decide!

We offer a very bright range of service. If you need mercury testing, our competent test team is available for you anytime. Furthermore we cover the hardware installation and commission service.