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PSG Plus Gas sampling probe


  • Largest filter surface on market
  • Corrosion resistant, made of stainless steel SS316Ti
  • Comfortable filter change without any tools
  • Controlled heating to 180°C
  • No cold spots
  • Test gas connection as standard
  • Protective housing for external mounting
  • Temperature alarm contact
  • Optionally upgradeable

Technical Data
Process gas sampling conditionsDust contentmax. 3 g/m3 without back purging

max. 280 g/m3 with back purging

Temperaturemax. 1800°C
Pressure50 – 600 kPa
HeatingTemperature180°C (315°C)
Temperature alarm150°C (285 °C)
ControllingThermostatically or self-regulating
FilterMaterialCeramic surface coated
Porosity0,3 µm
CharacteristicsParts in contact with medium1.4571, FPM
Dead volume280 ml
Tightness104 hPa l/s
  • PSG Plus brochure