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Accessories Gas sampling probe

For PSG Basic and PSG Plus

  • Wide range of sampling tubes
  • Different pre-filters
  • Shut-off valves
  • Extensive back purging options

Technical Data
Sampling tubesStainless steel 1.4571Max. 600°C
HastelloyMax. 900°C
KanthalMax. 1300°C
IncoloyMax. 1200°C
PTFEMax. 150°C
Ceramik AL2O3Max. 1800°C
Pre-filters1.4404Max. 600°C, 3µm
HastelloyMax. 900°C, 3µm
DeflektorsProtecting the pre-filter
Extension pipesFor positioning the pre-filters in the process
Shut-off valvesProbe inlet2/2-way ball valve for process shut-off
Probe outletAvoiding pressure surges when back purging
Back purging optionsSingle stage back purgeVia filter chamber for PSG Basic
Double stage back purgeVia filter chamber and filter for PSG Plus
Pressure accumulator with control valveReady assembled at the probe
Purge gas pre-heatingIntegrated in heated sample line

Product Catalogue Gas Sampling Probes and Accessories