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The heated Gas Sampling Probes from PSG have the largest filter surface as standard, which enables efficient filtration and low-maintenance operation of Continuous emission monitoring (CEMS), Process Analytics or Process Optimization. The PSG Gas Sampling Probe product line is divided into two product versions:

The PSG Sample Gas probe BASIC, with its compact design, is an ideal solution for applications with low to medium dust levels in the Gas Sampling Process. The Gas Probes operate with holding temperatures of up to 200 ° C, a single stage back purging and calibration port are available standard.

The PSG Plus probe is the right gas probe for medium to high dust load. Thanks to the highly efficient two-stage back purging , low-maintenance operation is possible even in extreme applications. In the high-temperature version, holding temperatures of up to 300 ° C can be achieved within the Sampling Probe. Configurations are also possible for Gas Sampling in ATEX areas: each self-regulating heating element reaches holding temperatures of 90 ° C up to 180 ° C, thus making the Gas Probe processing efficiently even in dangerous ambient conditions.

PSG Basic

  • Compact gas sampling probe with simple construction for standard applications, e.g. emission measurements

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  • Gas sampling probe with easy-to-change filter, optionally upgradeable for all kinds of applications.
  • It can be equipped with effective single or dual stage back purging.

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  • The heated gas sampling probe is suitable for Ex zone 1 & 2.
  • Typical applications are monitoring and protection of explosion-endangered plant components.

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PSG Mobile

  • The portable gas sampling probes series PSG Mobile are used for continuous extractive gas analysis.
  • Very compact and light weight design.
  • Very quick and simple filter change without any tools.

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  • Sampling tubes
  • Pre-filters
  • Shut-off valves
  • Backpurging

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The AGT-PSG gas sampling probes PSG Basic and PSG Plus are used for continuous sampling of hot, corrosive, dust- and water vapour loaded exhaust and process gases. Following, after appropriate gas treatment, the analysis of certain gas components, e.g. O2, SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, CH4, CxHy, Hg is done.
Typical applications are emission measurement, process monitoring and process optimization.


The intelligent design of AGT-PSG gas sampling probes with optimum gas guidance enables filtration of sample gas at the largest filter surface on the market (212cm2!) as well as a quick and easy filter change without tools and dismounting of the heated sample line. The holohedral tight high performance ring heater in combination with the tight thick-walled glass fibre insulation jacket ensures a homogeneous heating without cold spots and high energy efficiency at the same time. This fact additionally is supported by the optimum insulated stainless steel protective housing.


Due to the market ‘s largest filter surface combined with homogeneous heating, dust is always separated reliably in the AGT-PSG gas sampling probes, without condensation of water vapor and “caking” or clogging of the filter. For elevated dust concentrations above 3g/m3 the PSG Plus gas sampling probes can be equipped with an ultimate effective single or dual stage back purge with unique dimensioned tubing. The standard calibration resp. test gas connection enables the use of the AGT-PSG gas sampling probes within emission measuring systems according to 13. and 17. BImSchV (EU-regulations 2000/76/EG and 2001/80/EG).

AGT – PSG Filter Technology

Established Technology and High-Quality Components

  • AGT-PSG gas sampling probes ensure trouble and maintenance free operation since more than 25 years.
  • The ultimate high quality precisely manufactured stainless steel parts are also resistant to aggressive chemicals and gases and guarantee extreme gas tightness
  • The modular design of the probe allows a quick and easy change of single parts
  • The multi-dimensional conception of the filter head enables a high reliably filtered gas flowrate as well as  ultimate effective back-purging and test gas feeding

Simple Filter Change

  • All maintenance and cleaning operations at AGT-PSG gas sampling probes can be carried out without any tools
  • The PSG Basic probe has a very compact design enabled by the multi functional flange clamp which is used for sealing during operation as well as for lifting a blocked filter housing lid in case of maintenance.
  • For the PSG Plus probe with thermally isolated operation handle the comfortable corkscrew mechanism provides lifting the lid when opening

Unique Filter Surface

  • Unique: AGT-PSG gas sampling probes have the largest filter surface on the market
  • Thereby operation at high dust concentrations is possible for very low costs
  • So service intervals for filter change can be reduced massively
  • Additionally a one or two stage back purging at very high dust concentrations for cleaning the filter and/or the filter chamber can be used (option)

AGT – PSG Gas Sampling Probes in Detail

PSG Basic

  • Intelligent flange clamp
    The PSG Basic flange clamp has a double function: ensuring a gas-tight sealing during operation and enabling a filter change without tools even at sticking lid
  • Calibration gas connection
    Equipped with a standard calibration gas connection the PSG Basic enables the use within emission measuring systems according to 13. and 17. BImSchV (EU-regulations 2000/76/EG and 2001/80/EG).
  • Filter and filter surface
    With largest filter surface on the market the PSG Basic can also be used for continuous analysis of gases with elevated dust concentration.

PSG Plus

  • Corkscrew mechanism
    In one step the filter can be changed: the intelligent corkscrew mechanism enables a filter change with minimum effort also for a sticking filter housing lid. All maintenance work can be carried out very comfortable with the thermally isolated operation handle and certainly without help of any tools.
  • Calibration gas connection and two stage back-purge
    Equipped with a standard calibration gas connection the PSG Plus additionally has the opportunity of being tubed with a unique dimensioned effective two stage back purge to carry out low maintenance measurements also at very high dust concentrations.
  • Filter surface and 8-hole flange
    Ideally matching the two stage back-purge the biggest filter surface on the market is also perfectly suitable for most challenging extremely dust laden measurements. The unique 8-hole flange provides maximum installation flexibility.