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Sample Gas coolers from AGT are solutions for highest demands on the Sample Gas Quality. With optional components (e.g. pre-separator, filter, flow meter, acid metering, humidity monitor, gas pumps) the gas cooler can be configured to become  a compact sample gas conditioner system. For the  cooling, both specifically designed compressor and Peltier (thermo electric)- operated solutions are available. The selecting of the heat exchanger, the “heart” of a Sample Gas Cooler, a wide range of geometries and materials are available depending on the requirement of the application: whether as a simple Sample Gas Cooler for drying a probe sample stream or as a wash-out-optimized heat exchanger within a Sample gas conditioner system for emission measurements – the wide range of products offers the right configuration. The BCR series includes compressor Sample Gas Cooler that are focused on high flow rates, thus enabling fast measurements and can be used in ATEX areas.

The MAK product range stands for compressor or Peltier (Thermo electric) -operated Sample Gas Coolers that meet the highest requirements in terms of wash-out effects as well as a constant and low outlet dew point. In addition, both MAK 10 and the newly developed MAK 20 offer, in addition to the configuration of 1-4 gas paths, the option of integrating all components that are required for compact Sample Gas Conditioner.


MAK sample gas cooler / preparation:

  • 1-4 gas paths (PTFE-PVDF), 100-150Nl / h per gas path, max. 140 ° C – Peltier or compressor gas cooler
  • Flexible configuration options and options as compact sample gas conditioning


BCR all-round compressor gas cooler

  • 1-8 gas paths (PVDF, glass, stainless steel), 90-500Nl / h per gas path, max. 140 ° -180 ° C
  • Powerful exchangeable heat exchangers in various material versions, universally applicable
  • EEx version for use in ATEX zones 1 and 2


Sample Gas Coolers

MAK / MAK Mobile / BCR / Accessories

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Sample Gas Pumps

Diaphragm Pump / Ex Pump / Heated Diaphragm Pump

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NO2/NO Converter


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Universal Filters

Aerosol Filter / Adsorption Filter / Solid Particle Filter / Liquid Stop

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Condensate Guard

CG1 / CG2

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