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Waste Incinerations

What to do with all the waste? After landfilling is considered to be a dying concept in a lot of countries in the world thermal post-treatment and combustion gets an increasing importance also in developing countries.

Also in this industry there are specific challanges and special requirements for the measuring and analysis technique – so robust and low maintenance sampling and conditioning is an essential success factor for a smooth and preferably disturbance-free operation.

Special Requirements

The main challange for measuring and analysis technique at waste incinerations is the changing combustion material. Because burning components are permanently changing, e.g. the probe tube and the filter and conditioning technique have to be extremely corrosion resistant.

Here the PSG Plus gas sampling probe offers the perfect solution for use at measurements with medium and high dust concentration and corrosive gas components.

For sample gas transport often heated sample gas and analysis lines with interchangeable inner core are used.

Also the heat exchanger of the sample gas cooler has to be corrosion resistant even at extremely aggressive gases respectively acids – here the patented PTFE/PVDF heat exchanger concept of the MAK 10 series provides the ideal solution.

Furthermore the AGT – PSG process analytical team offers turnkey solutions from small sampling plates up to analyser houses and containers since more than 30 years and with worldwide references.

AGT – PSG Solutions:

For this industries we provide a special range of solutions:

  1. Sampling:
  2. Sample transport:
  3. Sample conditioning:
    • Sample gas conditioning systems MAK 10
  4. Complete solutions
    • Individual application adapted turnkey solutions

Data sheets: