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Steel Industry

Process and emission measurements in steel industry and metallurgy are almost just the same challange as the production process as such.

Besides the original task of ore dressing and raw iron resp. steel production, coke-making technology and energy production are two further important task fields in which stable and reliable measurements have to be made for environmental and process technical reasons.

Special Requirements

Things are hotting up in production processes of the steel industry. In addition a variety of sampling and conditioning units is exposed to enormous pollutants, dust and dirt loads.

Extremely high temperatures, high heavy metal containing dust concentrations as well as toxic, corrosive and partially also explosive gas components are a great challange for exact and reliable gas analysis.

PSG Plus probes can be operated very reliable and low in maintenance despite difficult conditions e.g. due to a unique largely dimensioned two stage back purge in combination with the largest filtration surface on the market.

Sample lines with robust metal corrugated outer jacket and interchangeable inner core ensure high availability and long term stability measurements.

Last but not least the gas conditioning system MAK 10 with upgrade options like filter, pre-separator, liquid and flow alarm as well as sample gas pump can be individually adapted to the respective application. The patented heat exchanger finally ensures an optimum cooling resp. drying of the sample gas to a stable outlet dew point.

Furthermore the AGT – PSG process analytical team offers turnkey solutions from small sampling plates up to analyser houses and containers since more than 30 years and with worldwide references.

AGT – PSG Solutions:

For this industries we provide a special range of solutions:

  1. Sampling:
  2. Sample transport:
  3. Sample conditioning:
  4. Complete solutions:
    • Individual application adapted turnkey solutions

Data sheets: