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Measurement on the high seas

A relatively new scope of emission measurement technique is the exhaust gas analysis on ships. Because emissions of cruise and container ships can be substantial due to burning of sulphurous fuel like heavy oil, laws were enacted that make continuous exhaust gas analysis mandatory depending on fuel sulphur content.

Also operation of the exhaust gas purifiers is monitored this way and the burning process of the engines evaluated and optimised.

Special Requirements

Rather untypical for fixed installed emission measurements are high mechanical loads in form of vibrations and acceleration forces for the used devices. The high salt content in the air represents a further requirement for „external“ corrosion resistance of sampling and conditioning components. Just the same „internal“ corrosion resistance of sample gas wetted materials is of crucial importance due to corrosive gas components and aerosols.

The massive stainless steel built gas sampling probes PSG Basic and PSG Plus with their solid stainless steel weather protection covers are ideally suited for this application.

The sample line PSG extruded offers several advantages: the robust and resistant PVC or TPU outer jackets guarantee longevity. In addition shortening the line to the right length is possible on-site.

For gas conditioning systems MAK 10 the PTFE coated heat exchanger ensures a corrosion resistant gas path with additional hydrophobic surface. Due to the corrosion prevention option the devices become seawater-proof.

AGT – PSG Solutions:

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