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Glass Industry

A quite classic case of gas anaysis technique for monitoring of emissions and waste gas purification plants as well as for process optimisation and quality assurance represents the glass industry: only the final emission measurement at the stack is a measurement required by law. Otherwise melt and wash processes are monitored by gas analysis. The composition of the gases for determining the energy content is just as relevant as monitoring of transport and mix processes within the plant.

Special Requirements

Even if the final product often is clear glass at the end, the production process is full of miscellaneous requirements for the measuring and analysis technique: alternating temperature in the production process, partially aggressive and corrosive gases and aerosoles as well as the humidity content have to be considered at sampling, transport and conditioning of the sample gases.

For example the media wetted parts of the PSG Plus gas sampling probe can be provided with a special corrosion resistant coating.

A wide range of materials like especially alloyed stainless steels or plastics provide always the right solution for construction of the heated sample line.

For conditioning the PTFE coated heat exchanger of the MAK 10 system ensures a corrosion resistant and hydrophobic surface.

Furthermore the AGT – PSG process analytical team offers turnkey solutions from small sampling plates up to analyser houses and containers since more than 30 years and with worldwide references.

AGT – PSG Solutions:

For this industries we provide a special range of solutions:

  1. Sampling:
  2. Sample transport:
  3. Sample conditioning:
    • Sample gas conditioning systems MAK 10
  4. Complete solutions:
    • Individual application adapted turnkey solutions

Data sheets: