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Automotive Technology

Not just only the latest Dieselgate Issue already shows the meaning and importance of gas sampling and conditioning technologies at motor and emission test stands.

Research and development teams are facing the challenge of increasing the power output by lowering the fuel consumption – at the same time with lower emissions and costs.

The increasing regulations for lowering the car emissions can only be handled by improving existing technologies. Therefore AGT – PSG has a long list of very innovative products which allow very effective and precise gas sampling, transport and conditioning.

Special Requirements

At test stands the rule “time is money” is very important. The all new PSG Flex basic and PSG Flex Plus heated sample lines were designed and developed in order to offer a very robust layout which allows a long product life even under extreme conditions. Thus failures resp. downtimes are minimized.

For cooling and conditioning of sample gas the wash out ratio gets into a very special focus: due to the especially designed glass heat exchanger in the sample gas cooler MAK 10 a very precise dew point with nearly no washing out of e.g. NO2 is achieved. Furthermore due to the modular concept of the MAK 10 product line it can be extended to a full solution sample gas conditioning system. AGT – PSG is able to offer always the best-of-breed solution.

Especially US regulations require to avoid any condensate in the gas treatment. The AGT – PSG heat trace technology includes the delivery, installation and go live support for all tubes and pipes which can be heated prefabricated and have to be individualized on site.

AGT – PSG Solutions:

For this industries we provide a special range of solutions:

  1. Sample transport:
  2. Sample conditioning:
    • Sample gas conditioning systems MAK 10