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AGT-PSG Industry Solutions

No matter if Emission Monitoring or Process Analytic Technology, AGT-PSG has long experience in different industries.

Climate protection and reduction of CO2 emissions are not only a focus topic since the ratification of the climate agreement of Paris. What does seem clear, only if reduction really can be reached global warming can be stopped.
A fulfilment of the objectives assumes one important point: it has to be measured consistant. For operators now provisions have to be carried out with investment and operation costs as low as possible. Since also availabilities of the measurements are mandatory, long-term stability is necessary.

Sustained improvement and optimization of operative processes on basis of analytical data, that‘s how a major motivation could be described why operators invest into process analysis technology. Besides economic advantages for the projects quality assurance as well as safety aspects play a substantial role.
Often obtained data are used for operation of the plants and thus illustrate a very sensible part of the plant know how.