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MAK 20 Sample Gas Coolers / Conditioning Systems

MAK20 is the all new generation of Sample Gas Cooler which can be upgraded to a complete conditioning system. The compressor powered coolers come with an optimized JET Stream heat exchanger which allows minimized and best in class wash out rates.
With optional components (pre-separator, filter, flowmeter, acid dosage, humidity sensor, sample gas pump) you can upgrade MAK20 sample gas coolers to complete integrated sample gas conditioning systems. The flexible, modular design ensures optimal compatibility to all analysis systems. The innovative JET stream heat exchanger technology (PVDF) guarantees the lowest possible gas dissolution rate. Both the permanent separation of the condensate from the gas phase, as well as the shorter contact time of the gas in the system, play important roles.

  • 1-4 gas paths (PVDF), 150-250Nl/h per gas path, max. inlet temp. 140°C
  • patented exchangeable heat-exchanger, optimized for CEM-applications, lowest gas dissolution rate
  • wall-mount housing, 19″-rack versions, mobile versions
  • flexible configuration and customizing

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MAK20 Sample Gas Conditioning Systems

MAK 20-2
  • 2 Gas paths (PTFE/PVDF)
  • 150 Nl/hr per gas path
  • 2 condensate pumps
  • 1 alarm-contact
  • wall-mount housing

  • MAK20 Brochure