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Process analysis technology

Sustained improvement and optimization of operative processes on basis of analytical data, that‘s how a major motivation could be described why operators invest into process analysis technology. Besides economic advantages for the projects quality assurance as well as safety aspects play a substantial role.

Often obtained data are used for operation of the plants and thus illustrate a very sensible part of the plant know how.

Special Requirements

Unlike with emission measurements legal requirements and demands are not the main focus but individual applications and processes that have to be analysed. Here partially very small and precise measuring ranges and also speed of the measurements play a special role.

With the gas sampling probes PSG Basic and PSG Plus measurements can be operated with low maintenance due to the largest filtration surface on the market.

More than 2500 different sample gas lines from AGT – PSG are used world wide by leading companies and offer a solution for almost every aplication. For sample transport in Ex-areas e.g. the line PSG Ex² provides a patented solution.

Besides the high performance coolers of series BCR for sample conditioning AGT – PSG also offers a unique heat exchanger concept for coolers and conditioning systems of series MAK 10. This enables sample gas cooling resp. drying without significant wash out ratio of water soluble gas components.

The business unit process analysis technology plans, designs and builds individual sample conditioning and analysis systems: from small systems on mounting plate to turnkey analysis houses – and worldwide supervising and comissioning service.

AGT – PSG Solutions:

For this industries we provide a special range of solutions:

  1. Sampling:
  2. Sample transport:
  3. Sample conditioning:
  4. Complete solutions
    • Individual application adapted turnkey solutions