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Emission measurements

Climate protection and reduction of CO2 emissions are not only a focus topic since the ratification of the climate agreement of Paris. What does seem clear, only if reduction really can be reached global warming can be stopped.

A fulfilment of the objectives assumes one important point: it has to be measured consistant. For operators now provisions have to be carried out with investment and operation costs as low as possible. Since also availabilities of the measurements are mandatory, long-term stability is necessary.

Special requirements

Because emission measurements in the plants do not lead to higher earnings like profitable process analysis technology projects, operators focus total cost of ownership (TCO). And precisely at this point the special strength of AGT – PSG products is getting interesting.

Due to the unique filtration surface which is the heart of the gas sampling probes PSG Basic and PSG Plus, even measurements with high dust loads can be operated with extremely low maintenance.

The PVC extruded external jacket of AGT – PSG sample gas and analysis lines is enormous resistant. Additionally the 10-year guarantee of Raychem heating cables provides long-term heating performance.

The completion in the sample conditioning chain then is the modular sample gas conditioning MAK 10 which can be operated with supreme durability with it‘s patented PTFE-coated heat exchanger technology.

That‘s our definition of PSG: Perfect Sample Gas.

AGT – PSG Solutions:

For this industries we provide a special range of solutions:

  1. Sampling:
  2. Sample transport:
    • Heated sample lines PSG
  3. Sample conditioning:
    • Sample gas conditioning systems MAK 10
  4. Complete solutions:
    • Individual application adapted turnkey solutions