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  • Gas sampling probes for gas analysis systems
  • More than 350 different variants
  • From PSG Basic to PSG Plus

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  • More than 2500 variants up to 300 m
  • From rigid (extruded) up to highly flexible
  • Special ATEX Solution PSG Ex³

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  • Sample Gas Coolers to a compact Sample Gas Conditioning
  • Compressor and Peltier
  • Sample Gas Cooler for ATEX

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  • From sample gas cooler up to complete compact sample gas conditioning
  • Standards and individual sample conditioning systems
  • Complete solutions up to turn-key analyser house

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AGT-PSG. Perfect Sample Gas.

PSG and AGT, whose products have been known and established for more than 40 years as a guarantee for reliability and longevity, have joined AGT-PSG in 2016. This combines more than 90 years of experience in the field of gas sampling and gas conditioning in one company.

AGT-PSG therefore is the only company worldwide to manufacture the entire range of products for continuous extractive gas analysis in-house. This allows the customer to purchase gas sampling probes, heated sample lines, sample gas coolers, as well as sample gas conditioning systems from a single source, directly from the manufacturer.


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Power Plants

More power: with special products and technical additional values AGT-PSG products enable low maintenance representative process- and emission measurements.

Waste Incinerations

High demands, changing process conditions: coatings and special products enable an efficient error-free operation.

Chemistry & Petrochemistry

here chemistry is right: efficient sampling, safe transport also via extremely long distances is perfected by a optimum conditioning.


Technique for a sensitive field: for motor test stands the focus is more than ever on accuracy and precision: explore our special solutions.

Cement Industry

Dust, dirt, high temperatures: under these conditions we like to work. Large filters, robust sample lines and low maintenance conditioning systems.

Steel Industry

Precise and low maintenance also under extreme conditions: our products for steel industry and metallurgy.

Glass Industry

Attention: fragile! This is certainly true for the final product – but the production process needs robust precise measuring technique.

Sewage treatment plants

Biogas analysis and monitoring of landfills is realized by continuous gas analysis with our technology.

Maritime Industry

On the high seas: legally required emission measurements on ships are a challenge for every equipment – that we master without problems!

Special Solutions

You can’t find your industry: we offer individual sample conditionings for far more applications and industries, just give us a call!


Emission Measurements

Climate protection and reduction of CO2 emissions are not only a focus topic since the ratification of the climate agreement of Paris. What does seem clear, only if reduction really can be reached global warming can be stopped.
A fulfilment of the objectives assumes one important point: it has to be measured consistant. For operators now provisions have to be carried out with investment and operation costs as low as possible. Since also availabilities of the measurements are mandatory, long-term stability is necessary.

Process Analysis Technique

Sustained improvement and optimization of operative processes on basis of analytical data, that‘s how a major motivation could be described why operators invest into process analysis technology. Besides economic advantages for the projects quality assurance as well as safety aspects play a substantial role.
Often obtained data are used for operation of the plants and thus illustrate a very sensible part of the plant know how.