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What’s next?

We are moving forward and this is what we want to share with you on this site. Here you will find updates to our products, services and company on a very regular basis. Furthermore we would be very happy if you follow our LinkedIn account.

AGT-PSG boots online presence

As many other companies the PerfectSamlpeGas Company AGT-PSG from Germany discussed how to make best of the current situation and how to learn for the future. Except for the production experts, many colleagues are working from home whilst they do their best not no lose contact to customers and users. Due to the extensive use […]

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PSG builds new headquarter

The year 2020 is still young but started already great! At the moment only inftrastructural preparation can be seen but very soon the new headquarter from AGT-PSG will be built. Only 500 meters away from the old location a very big wish of the entire PSG team comes true: The new state of the art […]

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AGT-PSG open subsidiary in Singapore to offer perfect sample gas solutions to SE Asia

AGT-PSG have just taken a big step to establish themselves in Asia by establishing AGT-PSG Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Jameson Chang, Managing Director of the new company, will co-ordinate this exciting new venture, which has distribution throughout South-East Asia with NT Tech (Vietnam), RJSS LIMITED (Thailand), Instrumentation & Control Specialists , INC. (Philippines), PT. […]

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Business before pleasure

Measuring gas treatment is an unprecedented compulsory task in many companies – and it can be a boast in terms of process efficiency if it is handled correctly.

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The goal: to improve the exhaust gas analysis

Together, the Steinbach-based company “AGT-PSG” and the University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Main have been developing a better treatment of measuring gases from combustion processes since August of this year. The state supports the project with around 240,000 euros. Much has been discussed in recent years about emissions standards, nitrogen oxide pollution and measurements of pollutant […]

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