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About us

The companies PSG and AGT, whose products have been known and established for more than 40 years as a guarantee for reliability and longevity, have joined AGT-PSG in 2016. This combines more than 90 years of experience in the field of gas sampling, gas conditioning, Compressed air drying and compressed air distribution in one company.

AGT-PSG therefore is the only company worldwide to manufacture the entire range of products for continuous extractive gas analysis in-house. This allows our customers to purchase gas sampling probes, heated sample lines, sample gas coolers, as well as sample gas conditioning systems from a single source, directly from the manufacturer.

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Our Mission: Perfect Sample Gas

Here you will find all products for the sampling, transportation, conditioning and analysing.

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Air-Dryer, Transport, Instrumentation, Heating

Drying, Instrumentation and Heating

Our Products and Services for compressed Air Dryer, Tube & Tube Bundles, Instrument Air Distributor and Heat Tracing can be found here.

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Business before pleasure

Measuring gas treatment is an unprecedented compulsory task in many companies – and it can be a boast in terms of process efficiency if it is handled correctly.

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The goal: to improve the exhaust gas analysis

Together, the Steinbach-based company “AGT-PSG” and the University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Main have been developing a better treatment of measuring gases from combustion processes since August of this year. The state supports the project with around 240,000 euros. Much has been discussed in recent years about emissions standards, nitrogen oxide pollution and measurements of pollutant […]

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