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Conditioning of gases is our theme

With more than 35.000 units installed worldwide AGT-PSG is a leader in gas conditioning equipment that is based on refrigeration technique.

For sample gas applications and compressed air applications we provide innovative and economic solutions of certified highest quality. Our flexible model portfolio covers almost all current applications.

We also realize your individual gas conditioning solution. Benefit from our quickness, expertise and experience in design and engineering of components, devices and system solutions.

Sample gas conditioning

Conditioning of sample gas flows to feed analyzers with clean and dry sample gas. For continuous emission monitoring CEM and process monitoring in power plants, cement plants, chemical production plants, waste incinerators, glass manufacturing, timber processing, food processing and motor test benches.

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Compressed air conditioning

Conditioning of compressed air, breathable air and industrial gas. Providing of clean and dry working air, process air and control air for all pneumatic applications in trade and industry. Cooling of gases. Conditioning of breathable air in compressed air cylinder filling stations. Conditioning of industrial gas for physical and chemical applications and processes.

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BCR 05 EEx

Sample Gas Cooler
ATEX approval II 2G, for zones 1/2
1-4 gas paths (PVDF, glass, SS316)


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MAK 10 Peltier

Thermoelectric Gas Cooler
ecologically friendly, no refrigerant
flexible, modular design


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